MS Terlan - Social Sciences 3A

Can older students cooperate efficiently with younger students – even if they have never met before?

On February 22, 13-year-old students (MS 3D) would teach students of 3rd grade Social Gymnasium how everyone could contribute to the safety of our planet. Not only did they produce possible solutions to this global problem but they had also been working out – in different subjects and with different products – the consequences of of high CO2 emissions, mountains of plastic waste and the climate change. In exchange, class S3A had organised games and quizzes to get younger students involved in the topic – all activities taking place in the conference room of our Upper Secondary School.

Under the professional guide of Mrs Pircher Bärbel and Mrs Rauter Evelyn (MS Terlan) different didactic methods had been applied to analyse the topic. On the other hand, students of class S3A had prepared a warm welcome, had done their shares with the theme and had ultimately made the efficient cooperation between two different school types possible. By the way, the common language on both sides was English!

„Save the Planet“ - an issue which both, touches and inspires young generations.

MS Terlan - Social Sciences 3A
... communication beyond barriers ...
... handmade, recycled and reusable ...
MS Terlan - Social Sciences 3A
... uncovering ecological facts ...
... ever thought boys wouldn't be sensitive to ecological topics?
In charge of the middle school: Mrs Pircher & Mrs Rauter